Amy Melissa Mariani

Multimedia Journalist


I've been to almost every state in this country,

but I won't forget where I came from: New York.

And you won't either.

I've got a straight-forward attitude you can only find in the Northeast. My six-year experience with the circus has taken me from coast to coast, stopping at every state in between. I've lived at least a week at a time in 46 states.

This is what makes me a great journalist.

I'm used to different platforms, different situations. I was in a different city every week, a different state every month, and I loved it. Education? For four of those six years, I was the teacher. I created the classroom.

I've got the drive and the skills to teach myself. I can become an instant expert on any topic.

I graduated from the University of South Florida with two bachelor of arts degrees in mass communications and political science. I'm eager and willing to move anywhere. Most likely, I'll be a bit familiar with your town. I've probably already been there.